Red Epic Dragon in Thailand

I just returned from Thailand where we were shooting for the final episode of Warriors of the Mongkon season 2.
We spent 12 days driving around Phuket and Bangkok with the Red Epic Dragon and the Dji Ronin. The Red Dragon performed amazing as always and we found some amazing locations and got some pretty nice shots.. My back is a little sore from using the Ronin so much though.. It’s heavy but worth it!

Some highlights we filmed-
*A young 12 year old girl in Pattaya named Pheetjeja who fights boys as there’s not many girls who will fight her
*Ajarn Thoy perform a Sak yang tattoo on Aussie Nak Muay Luis Regis
*Ladyboys in Patong
*Luis Regis fight in Bangla stadium which resulted in an emergency flight back to Sydney for an operation
*Timelpase of Bangkok nightlife plus more

Images bellow by- Elder

Zeiss 15mm 2.8

Today i added the Zeiss 15mm 2.8 ZE to my list of ever growing gear.. This ultra wide will be my favourite for Landscape Time-lapse work and is a beast on my Red Epic Dragon. Available to rent in Sydney

Check the lens out here

Dji Ronin for rent in Sydney

I have recently purchased the Dji Ronin 3 axis gimbal to mount my Red Epic Dragon & Red Scarlet too. The Ronin is available to rent in Sydney. Contact me for more information

Red Epic Dragon first shoot

The Red Epic Dragon and myself went out this week with Adam from Octopus films in Sydney
to shoot a behind the scenes video for fashion photographer Josh McLeod

With some beautiful models and an amazing location south of Sydney the day was a success.. We shot 90% on the Red Epic Dragon at 4k-6k, 50-150fps and used Canon L Series glass. The Dragon performed very well and having that dynamic range really helped in many of the shots.

We also used my Kessler 3ft Cineslider and my trusty Sachtler v20 S1 Tripod System

Check out some BTS stills by photographer Chris Eyre-Walker

Red Epic Dragon Hire Sydney

My Red Epic Dragon has arrived in Sydney and is now available to rent. Please contact me if you’d like to rent any of my gear

Australia Stock Footage

This is a Timelapse video i shot in Sydney and surrounding areas in 2010. All footage is available as stock footage.

Bali Stock Footage

In 2010 i travelled around the Island of Bali for 3 weeks. With over 70kg of camera equipment and a location fixer to help carry it, below is a 4 minute video i created. This is the side of Bali that many do not see. All footage is available as stock footage.